General Dentistry

General Dentistry is the term that refers to basic dental treatments like dental cleaning, cavity fillings, root canal treatment, fluoride treatments, extractions, etc. Prevention and treatment are both parts of General Dentistry.

Regular dental visits can lead to early diagnosis of oral health issues, giving you an opportunity for early intervention and improved overall mouth health care. We offer an array of general dentistry services

Cleaning also called Scaling & Polishing: It is a procedure to clean the accumulated tartar and stains between the teeth using an ultrasonic vibrator. Scaling keeps your teeth clean and the gums healthy thereby preventing any gum diseases. It is usually a single sitting procedure. Along with proper home care, it is essential to have professional teeth cleaning every six months depending on the necessity. Apart from cleaning, during these visits, our dentists also examine your entire mouth to ensure that your oral health is properly maintained.

Digital X-Rays: Through the use of dental x-rays, we are able to diagnose many diseases within the oral cavity. Digital technology is used to capture a very accurate image with the very low dose of radiation.

Cavity Fillings: A filling is a way to replace the decayed/damaged tooth structure and restoring it back to its normal function and strength.

Filling material: One does not suit all! The dentist, according to the clinical situation, will choose what’s best for you. Depending on the dentist’s assessment, you will be suggested one of the following materials like Silver or Composite or tooth-colored material.

Braces (Orthodontic Treatment): We provide braces for children and adult, as well as Invisalign, Clear braces and Traditional braces.

Our goal is to provide quality dental treatment that is effective as well as affordable to best suit your individual needs. Our highly experienced dental specialists use the latest procedures and technology to provide comprehensive dental care in the most cost effective way.