Welcome to Dr AN REDDY Dental Surgeon

Dr. A.N.Reddy’s Dental Clinic in HSR layout is visited by Dr. A.N.Reddy, Dental Surgeon. He studied in Government Dental College and Research Institute Bangalore and has 19 years of experience as a Dental Surgeon

We strive to provide highest standard of dental treatment with professional and customized attention to patients arriving at the clinic taking dentistry to a world-class level.

Our clinic has been independently attested and accredited by the Indian Health Organization and complies to the principles and practices of clinical governance


We provide Specialty based dental care in accordance to the dental needs of the patient by our internationally trained team and specialized dentists.

Our rule is to not compromise on quality and comfort of the patients. We ensure sterilization of all equipment’s and instruments to safeguard our patients.

We provide competitive and transparent treatment charges to help our patients get back their smiles.

We upgrade our services, technologies and equipment’s on a regular basis to provide the latest and best dental treatment in every sphere.

We ensure friendly and attentive services to all the patients keeping in tune with the family dentistry atmosphere that we firmly believe in.